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Tooshay's highlights from past and present, travels and shows.

Being regionally based in Central Queensland, travel plays a major role in my attending shows and exhibiting our Pomeranian dogs. 
We normally travel into Far North Qld (Cairns) and, occasionally, South to Wondai with the odd trip into NSW and various Royal Shows, Interstate. Occasionally venturing to Darwin, Northern Territory. 
I hope you enjoy these snippets of our adventures thus far. Click each link to view larger photo.


Floods on our trip to Toowoomba in January 2011. This is the Toowoomba Kennel Club's club house. We were in Toowoomba during the the mini Tsunami and floods.


Toowoomba Showgrounds - Gushing stream of water running through the 3 dog show rings, brining various size boulders into the rings.


Mountain view (high ground) end of the Dog Show Rings/Clubhouse, showing the source of flooding stream of water running through the dog complex in January 2011


Our temporary home, during the floods in Toowoomba, January 2011.


The banner says it all "Welcome to the Atherton Tablelands Kennel Club" Show -
June 2009


Setting up at the grounds for the Atherton show.


Yet more fog, slowly creeping down onto the grounds at the Atherton Tablelands weekend.


One of our favourite haunts at Tolga.


Nothing like a crystal clear, running stream to swim in and camp by. We all (including our dogs) enjoyed a cool dip at Tolga.


Townsville "Dogs Are A Lifestyle Show" - exhibitors entering the grounds early morning before shows commence 2009


Toy Dog Show in the Townsville Entertainment Centre 2009 - Venue prior to exhibitors setting up inside.


Townsville Entertainment Centre - Toy Dog Show 2009 - Some of the various winners


Townsville Entertainment Centre - Toy Dog Show 2009 - some of the various Class winners


Burdekin River Bridge between Ayr and Home Hill, Far North Qld - April 2009


Sydney Royal April 2010


Taryn and Ch Cupidtown Gold'n Chance winning second place in his class at the Sydney Royal, April 2010


Taryn and Jet (Oltenia Kennels). Jet is in his first ever show - Baby puppy class, Sydney.


Sydney Royal 2010 - Ch Cupidtown Gold'n Chance


Townsville has some wonderful mountain ranges surrounding it. I took this shot in Walker Street - May 2011


A large Ficus tree at the Proserpine Show Grounds in May 2011


Close up shot of the aerial roots on this Ficus tree.


Toy Dog Club of Nth Qld show held at Riverway,Thuringowa Central, Townsville - June 2011. A beautiful, riverside sports complex with sports stadium, swimming pools, children's wading lagoon, playgrounds, sports fields, shady picnic areas, running track, waking paths and many other features. You must visit this complex some time.


Riverway, Thuringowa Central, Townsville - June 2011


Riverway, Thuringowa Central, Townsville - June 2011


Riverway, Thuringowa Central, Townsville - June 2011


My daughter, Angela handling Pip July 2011 RUBIS and his 3rd BIG


Angela and Pip winning Runner Up Best In Show and Best In Group - July 2011


Pipster's puppy "Wicket" being spoilt rotten.


Angela and I, in Bundaberg with Ch Miyu Jenni Lee and Ch Cupidtown The Instigator
  / February 2012

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I pride myself on finishing my dog’s breeder/owner/handled, keeping them in a home-like environment where they get plenty of socialization and playtime, and striving for quality with every breeding. My planned litters for 2011 have both been a negative experience for me with CH Miyu Jenni Lee re-absorbing her pups by 7 weeks gestation and my other bitch, whelped too early, with no surviving puppies.   Such a devastating experience to go through. I cannot express my utter disappointment as Pomeranians don't have a large number of puppies in their litters. I thank everyone involved for providing my bitches with a home-away-from-home while being mated, collecting them from their air flights and, for your support.

This year now focuses upon my showing Zeigen Brazen & Amazing. Loving known as ZEN, who I have had the pleasure of handling and training from a little baby puppy, as a totally blank slate. She is now 9 month old and is developing into a well-structured, big coated girl who has an outgoing, demanding attitude. Her overall qualities and unique personality is well suited to showing. I see these qualities attributing to her long-time success as a top show bitch.

Our plans for the show circuit in 2012 are huge again this year.  Last year we travelled over 7,000 (seven thousand) kilometres but I must admit, part of this journey served as our holidays too! to December 2011

I consider it such a priviledge to be able to compete in this wonderful hobby of Dog Showing. However, all good things must come to an end.  It's now holiday time as no more shows available for us this year.

Time for the Pom Poms to just be dogs and get down and dirty outside, go swimming, dig holes, eat bones and enjoy themselves free-range running and playing.

Looking back over this year it hasn’t been an easy road with my hitting rock bottom a couple of times, having experienced a run of bad luck with Pomeranians, I came close to giving all of this up! 

I now know why this breed is referred to as “The Heartbreaker” breed.  Having gone through many lows with my Poms, I was just getting back to normal when my husband, John, had to undergo a triple by-pass, open heart operation. This happened while we were on holidays, away from home, and took us both by utter surprise! Of course it turned my world upside down with repercussions that have lasted for most of this year. My Poms were my solace when times got tough throughout John’s ordeal.

Happily John has been given a clean bill of health at his 6 monthly review last week and life is back on track. 

My good fortune has been obtaining Zeigen Brazen & Amazing to campaign. She is a beauty, who has stolen my heart! I plan to make the most of my show days next year and enjoy them and my family as they happen.

With only 4 weeks to go until Christmas so, the Poms and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Stay Safe during the holiday season and please check back here in January 2012 for more news then.

The Tooshay Pom Poms are in the Chrissy Spirit!!

and the adopted Pom....TOOK  TOOK! 2011

September brings my show year to its completion due to the tropical weather setting in, it's too hot to show Pomeranians to their best advantage. Not to mention the annual monsoonal summer storms commence to bring bad weather and flooding across the State.  After our awful expereince back in January this year in the Toowoomba mini Tsunami, I am well and truely over bad weather.

It's been a thrilling and very rewarding year of showing for me with our last competition held in Prospepine, Far North Queensland. Zeigen Brazen and Amazing  and Cupidtown Gold'n Chance's  last show for 2011.

Zen was awarded  Best Baby Puppy in SHOW X 3 Shows - a hat trick! Fantastic results.

 I consider it such a priviledge to be able to compete in this wonderful hobby of Dog Showing.


My dogs have done me proud this year, with their results correct at the time of publication - on 30/09/11.  
Finishing in the   TOP 10   within the breed scores, nationally.
  A super result considering that CH. Cupidtown Gold'n Chance only competed for 6 months of the 12 month competition.  

Pip's results are:  National Best Of Breed, Pip ranked 9th; and in the National Breed Leader comp, Pip  ranked 10th.


Pearl...Tooshay Miss Showgirl ranked 11th in the breed results for Rising Star, nationally


 big feat .....with Little Zen.. Zeigen Brazen and Amazing ranking 5th in the breeds  National Rising Star competition.

A magnificent result for this wonder girl considering Zen only competed for   12 weeks in the 12 month competition.   My many thanks to her owner/breeder, Mrs Kim Haddon for allowing this "breath of life" into my home. 

Zen and I look forward to a bright and even better season in 2012. 2011

Zen... "Zeigen Brazen and Amazing" wins Best Baby Puppy in Show !
at the NSW Pomeranian Club's Speciality show
under judge Ms A Paloheimo (Finland). A class of 11 entries. 2011

A very exciting month for Tooshay. Lots happening, lets start with.... Great start to this month with Pip "Cupidtown Goldn Chance" winning Best Intermediate in SHOW today, also Reserve in Group and Best of Breed and little Zen "Zeigen Brazen & Amazing" taking out Best Baby Puppy in Group at the Mt Morgan and Bouldercombe Kennel Club show.




Taryn pictured here getting to know the "Xoloitzcuimtle" dogs at the Darwin Royal. They are a unique breed not readily seen in Australia. This dog took out Best Intermediate in Show 2011.



Zen wins BABY  PUPPY IN SHOW at the Darwin Royal held on 23rd July 2011.




Introducing a new addition to the show ring, this is "Zeigen Brazen and Amazing" known as ...ZEN


All Darwin shows are held in the evening. This is a general photo of their wonderful grounds/facilities in Winnellie, Darwin Northern Territory


Darwin Showgrounds & Exhibition Centre, Winnellie, Darwin, N.T.


Love the advertising artwork on this vehicle!


One of the many huge Road Trains on the highway in the Northern Territory. They measure approx. 36 metres


Darwin Marina at sunset.


Bush and the red earth in the Northern Territory.