Bred, handled & trained by myself,Taryn Jones

Tooshay Pomeranians, Australia (founded 2008).

"Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, did my heart fly at your service"- The Tempest. Act 3, scene 1.

I am devoted to producing & exhibiting healthy, quality Pomeranians and am very gratified to have bred, trained and presented numerous Australian Champions.   I home bred, trained and exhibited my BEST IN SHOW winner "Champion Tooshay The Columbian".

Tooshay came about due to my love of Pomeranians and my prefex Tooshay eventuated by my younger borther, who married a french national and lived in Paris for a few years then returning to live here. He used the french term "TOUCHE" often.   

I live in a rural regional area close to Rockhampton and have been fortunate for my family to own pomeranians since I was a young girl. 

Also my next door neightbour Mrs G Yarwood, owned and exhibited two show pomeranins back in late 1960's, she invited me to attend dog shows wih her while she exhibited "Haughty Tiny Star, Registration #72450 born 2/2/1969.

I do, and always will, strive for… Excellence in the Breed.
This is not an easy feat, as this breed is commonly knownas “The Heartbreaker” breed for varied reasons.

I remain a small kennel, enjoying limited numbers.

My Pomeranians are a huge part of my life, and live as such.    

                                                     Pomeranians are gallant and have forever stolen my heart!  

Taryn with celbrity Dr. Harry after wining Best Baby Puppy In Show - Darwin Royal!

(Pictured above) Taryn pictured here with TV celebrity Dr Harry Cooper, OAM after winning Best Baby Puppy in Show at The Darwin Royal, Northern Territory.

Taryn pictured (r/h side) with her Pomeranians entered in "Dogs Are A Lifesytle" show, published in The Townsville Bulletin.  L/h side: Joan Merryl Bird (Pekingese) and Barb O'Brien (Bichon).

Tooshay Pomeranians has attained numerous Awards, including… Best In Show  & Multiple Runner-Up Best in Show awards at all breeds and specility shows.
The list of Awards continues on with numerous Class In Show wins, while exhibiting locally and in
the Northern Territory, NSW and
various Pomeranian Speciality Shows in the South East and Far North Qld.

Tooshay can proudly mention... my youngsters have been awarded some 30 X Best Baby Puppy in Show awards thus far.

Pictured above...Taryn with Mr Edward Ryder (Judge) & her Best In Show winning dog "Ch. Tooshay The Columbian"

****  From time to time our quality puppies are available to go to forever and or show homes, please contact me via phone to enquire about upcoming litters!

►I am honoured to have been the inaugural President of the "Central Qld Toy Dog Club" and have been involved on the  Rockhampton Kennel Club's Executive Committee, as their Treasurer and in numerious other roles for some 10 years, even in the role of this club's Vice President. 

I actively encourage and support newcomers into the world of Conformation Dog Exhibition.

Tooshay Pomeranians has been chosen to canvass & Champion Title Pomeranians & German Spitz Mittels owned by other breeders. 

Most of these youngsters come to me as baby puppies and are trained, handled and presented as show dogs by myself. They are provided a loving place my home, with me. 
These consignments are usually for a period of about 12 months, in order to attain their Australian Champion title.

Pictured left...MRUBIS Ch. Cupidtown Gold n Chance (Pip)

For any newcomers to showing dogs, I  recommend attending as many dog shows as possible, and joining both your local and national breed club. I became the founding President of the Central Queensland Toy Dog Club and enjoyed this role. I am also an active committee member with our local kennel club and I am a current member of Breed Speciality Club for Pomeranians in Australia, the NSW Pomeranian Club. I was able to attend my first NSW Pomeranian Club Speciality Show held in Sydney in 2009, another unforgettable experience which confirmed we do have many top rated Pomeranians here in Australia!  


"Raised with love and owned with Pride!"

Providing my ongoing support to my new puppy owners!

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  * Highly trainable   * Curious, alert & busy
  * Good watch dog   * Eager to please
  * Intelligent, playful & energetic   * Sweet, gentle & sensitive

However, no dog is perfect

May have a tendency to bark excessively if not trained,

Tending to be possessive of their toys, food so may show dominance,

Prone to boredom if left alone, may find trouble,

Can be snappy with small children,

Because of their small size, easily injured if stood upon or tripped over.

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