Deadly Hairballs


I have learn this about "hairballs" in pomeranians.  Perhaps you may say "If the mother is trimmed correctly, this should not be a problem"?

It is common knowledge I have poms and a conversation I had with my old vet of some 6 years ago, turned to a case that to the lab there for diagnosis.  A whole litter of poms had died from a kennel in the area, with no diagnosis for the deaths. Autopsies were conducted.

To my disbelief, I was told of the cause - in every puppy (aged 6 weeks old) the intestines were impacted with hair that had become concrete hard, so nothing could get through.  Hairballs killed that litter.

My puppy was was 6 weeks old and begn dry hacking, with nothing being brough up.  He is still eating a bit, bowel movements were not as consistant as they had been up to this point. His mom had a c-section, so her tummy had been completely shaved off and I had trimmed her right up to about an inch all over.  The whelping box was kept brushed out and bedding changed daily. 

I rang my long-term vet to ask his advice, as I though it must be hairballs causing the problem.  I asked what can I do about this?  My vet thought I had "lost the plot"- HAIRBALLS - no, could not be, he said!  But, he honoured me and have myself a tube of feline hairball remedy they use.

Well, within hours of giving my young puppy an inch or so of the paste, he expelled a hairball about 3cm in length, it could not be broken apart but I could cut through it with scissors!  Now my vet is awatre of the danger of hairballs with young puppies of pomeranians.

Another breeder had a weak puppy which she almost lost, but her vet did a barium treatment, in order the x-ray would show what was causing problem but nothing showed in the stomach or intestines. Luckily a blockage showed on the x-ray - - - just outide the colon where it joined the intestine. Her vet used Laxatone to being with.

I believe there are many puppies lost to this danger, deaths that have undetermined causes.  Please if your puppies or an older dog, for that matter, start unexplained coughing, with no apparent reason and have abnormal bowel movements, it is worth check this out. 


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