This page is called Reflections and is dedicated to the four legged souls, who have now gone to heaven.... 

White Rose Reflection from

You return what I give you in unaccountable measures,
You have no bridal and you have no brakes, not a single web of restraint, bounding forward into whatever love you find when you look at me!

Brushing and parting your hair, I see who you are under the mask of your coat, just a dog in mortal skin, who is here and then gone, like all of us.But you don't live in that moment,You live in the present!

Setting your head in my lap, telling me with your eyes,You are my dog and you smile that cheeky grin! I believe you will always smile that way, even when it’s impossible to smile and everything has turned to dust.

And when you sleep at my pillow, your dreams meet my dreams.You’re not just a dog - there's no such thing as "Just a dog"!
Author unknown.


CH. Oltenia Little Armani, DOB:19/2/2005 passed away in 2016, aged 11 years
Armani was purchased by Tooshay as an adult and sired one litter.
Armani passed away quiety, at home, in his beloved owner's arms Noeline, my sincere condolences.




CH. CUPIDTOWN GOLD N CHANCE, (PIP/PIPSTER) Multiple Runner-up Best In Show winner, Multi Group winner and Champion.

Pipster DOB: 16th January 2009. Pip passed away in my arms & my heart shattered in pieces.. until we meet again Pip. Never forgotten xxxxx

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