Longevity of our Breed (The Pomeranian)

We, as individual Pomeranian breeders make our own decisions on what we choose for our own breeding stock.   

I cannot control what someone else does and their decisions made.

However, we can spend knowledge and share our experiences with each other to help out breed moving forward, in a positive direction of good health, type and soundness.

Each breeder's experience is different to another’s... as lines mature differently, have different issues to tackle, leading to separate values regarding what that particular breeder values or is seeking to correct, their individual choices to focus on, within their breeding programme, at that point in time.

For instance...COAT   In my short 13 years with this breed, my hands on and breeding of various lines a certain coat growth cycle which I have found to last consistently through the coat life of poms.  Coat texture and good with textured hair his guard hairs were all down his back, into his tail and not just in his saddle, shedding a soft puppy coat into his adult double coat, which was not oily behind his ears.   This coat progression is what I my aim to stive for.  What I feel is normal coat progression and what I now see as an asset,  along with their health, soundness and longevity in our precious breed...THE POMERANIAN.

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