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Some possible issues to be aware of with your youngster's tooth development.


Most dogs lose their puppy teeth by 6 months of age.  This process sometimes fails to occur in some toy and small breed dogs.  Retained puppy teeth create numerous problems that can be eliminated through EARLY INTERVENTION AND EXTRACTION of affected teeth.    

                                                                                     Adult tooth     puppy tooth


Over-crowding is a problem because when there is an adult tooth and a puppy tooth present, both are occupying the same space.  Oftentimes, there is no gum tissue between the adult and puppy tooth to prevent food and debris from entering the sockets and rapidly progressing to periodontal disease. 

Orthodontic issues are also more likely to occur when deciduous teeth are retained because they push the adult teeth out of proper alignment and can lead to a great deal of pain for your pet.  Major orthodontic procedures can oftentimes be avoided simply by extracting the deciduous teeth as soon as the problem is recognized (interceptive orthodontics).

THERE SHOULD NEVER BE A DECIDUOUS AND ADULT OF THE SAME TOOTH VISIBLE IN THE MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!  Immediate extraction of the deciduous tooth will increase the likelihood of the adult tooth erupting into the socket in a normal position.

                                                                     Fractured puppy tooth   draining abscess


FRACTURED DECIDUOUS TEETH exposes the pulp (blood and nerve supply inside of the tooth).  Once exposed to oral bacteria, pain and infection occur and may eventually affect the permanent tooth that is developing nearby


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