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The circle contains a triangle where the tail touches the back of the head.  The Pom should be very compact, and short backed - the shorter in his back the better.

The Pom is different from most breeds as the head and neck are carried very high on the body. His eyes and front legs will line up in a straight line to the ground.

That is the high head-set we are looking for.

The body is very cobby, and the barrel well rounded.

The short back and huge double coat give the Pomeranian an appearance of a floating ball of fur.

He seems to walk on his tiptoes - and NEVER SWAYS, HOPS or LIMPS - every leg must be straight, sound and steel-like.

The bones must be fine - (not spindly - but not heavy either). The neck should be short on a nicely laid shoulder to enable the head to be carried high and proud.

The tail must be set high and lay flat and straight on the back, covered by long harsh spreading hair, the tips of the tail and the ruff on top of the head merge together.

A long ruff sweeps from under the jaw to give a frill that extends almost to the ground and goes up around the neck and back of the skull until his ears appear almost non-existent.

The Pomeranian must have some leg, but should be neither too high nor too short on leg - he MUST be well balanced.

The general appearance should be of a well balanced, alert, glamorous and extremely pretty toy dog.


Layback of shoulders, length of connecting members (and whatever flexability the dog has through his connecting members) is the result / angle he has for his reach and drive (as below)




I will study the BITCH as well as the sire.

I will study the GRANDPARENTS rather than the parents.

I will not pay attention to breeding superstitions!

I will interpret a pedigree by breeding FACTS AND DOMINANCE rather than by TITLES OR NAMES!

I will keep full breeding records and draw conclusions accordingly.

I will judge a stud to his OFFSPRING, even to the third generation.

I will give my preference to breeding specimens of good temperment and strong nerves.

I will have patience to TRY AGAIN and again and not be discouraged by litters which may be disappointing.

I will be led on constantly by the seductive dream of one day producing



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